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Add a Slushie machine to City Campus

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There should be a Slushie machine available for students to get a reasonably priced Slushie.

Summer is round the corner so this would be great.


Add a Slushie machine to City Campus

This Idea for Change opened on 12 March 2019 and closes on 26 March 2019.

Further updates will be shown on this page after the Idea closes.



Iman Hussain
2:27pm on 19 Mar 19 Upon careful consideration and due to recent world events, I would like to withdraw my prior statement and reaffirm my position as pro-slush under one condition: The flavours must not be directly names, only referred to in metaphor form. I believe this would give a net positive effect on general literature awareness. `
Connor Levers
7:26pm on 13 Mar 19 I pray at my alter of slush. Yeah, I live for that sweet frozen rush!
Phoebe Hinton-Sheley
3:04pm on 13 Mar 19 I, personally, think this is great. A delicious, chilly snack? CHECK! Wholesome request? CHECK! #SlushieGate2019
Iman Hussain
4:57pm on 12 Mar 19 Not funny
Robert Guest
4:56pm on 12 Mar 19 Not funny.
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