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Whether it's running in the corridors or posting too often on Create Change, counter measures must be taken!


"Time Out Corner" for naughty students

This Idea for Change opened on 12 March 2019 and closes on 26 March 2019.

23 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of -4.

Ideas need a score above 10 to pass, and therefore this Idea has failed. There are no further actions on this Idea.



Marie Dodd
4:54pm on 11 Apr 19 The Idea is closed and discussion is closed.
Iman Hussain
11:48pm on 24 Mar 19 Repeat offenders should also be publicly flogged in accordance with game of thrones lore
Iman Hussain
11:48pm on 24 Mar 19 I think behaviour is a major problem. Tutors / lecturers should have a 2 strike system. 1st strike - verbal warning 2nd strike - asked to leave Repeatedly getting a 2nd strike should lead to a deduction of 30% from the module grade.
Rebecca Dutneall
12:52am on 23 Mar 19 I’d like tutors to be more proactive and ask disruptive students to leave the class to study in the library. I’m visually impaired, I also have learning difficulties so all the disruptions make it harder to concentrate and affects my audio recording! If lecturers spent less time asking students to be quiet and more time on teaching we could finish earlier!
Stuart Jones
6:08pm on 12 Mar 19 Really, and were meant to be adults. Behave like adults then
Luisa Tierney
2:51pm on 12 Mar 19 I feel this may lead to further bad behaviour due to students resenting being treated like children. We are adults and should be treated as such.
Alfie Alcorn
12:29pm on 12 Mar 19 Can good students get stickers? Preferably scratch and sniff ones.
Iman Hussain
11:34am on 12 Mar 19 Not funny