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Being a student is hard. The days are long, the weeks are tiring, and beer... it's getting expensive.

What I suggest is that every Friday the SU provides FREE TINNIES, one for every student who's had a tough day, tough week, or wants a FREE TINNY for any other freakish reason (Except to pass on to someone under the legal drinking age; or any other criminal reasons, for example, trespassing.)


Free Tinny Fridays would be a great chance for students to get together socially and enjoy a FREE TINNY!


Free Tinny Fridays offers struggling students the opportunity to drown their sorrows with in a FREE TINNY!


Free Tinny Fridays makes getting absolutely pished on a friday night one FREE TINNY easier.


If you agree comment ur favourite FREE BEER in the comments and vote [redacted] for Union Affairs Officer LOL


The lack of FREE TINNIES in the SU is appalling

This Idea for Change opened on 08 March 2019 and closes on 22 March 2019.

Further updates will be shown on this page after the Idea closes.



Samuel Ord
10:26am on 14 Mar 19 TBF I'm for free crack also if that's an option Iman? If there's one thing I've learnt, you should always say yes to free drugs. Drugs are expensive
Luke Stynes
1:25am on 9 Mar 19 Free tinnies are for those with no drip
Simon Barker
1:24am on 9 Mar 19 Free tinnies? lmao bet u cant afford airpods
Iman Hussain
1:29pm on 8 Mar 19 Can we have free crack Fridays next?
Iman Hussain
1:29pm on 8 Mar 19 Alcoholic degenerates
Samuel Ord
11:37am on 8 Mar 19 I agree with Phoebe! The thing is though, the SU is in profit so they could be funding the period poverty campaign and other charitable movements independently. I think in this case the students don't need to be responsible. Compared to a lot of SUs we don't actually get that much as students, so I think this is a great idea. This is a great way to get the ball rolling of an amazing SU. And I don't think anyone will be opposed to a charity pot on the bar :)
Phoebe Hinton-Sheley
11:05am on 8 Mar 19 I am 100% for free tinnies! Or, perhaps charge a small fee (e.g. £1 or £2), with that money given to charity (a regular charity, or parhaps put it the SU foodbank, or the free #EndPeriodPoverty sanitary products)
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