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Give him a big red hat with a propeller on it


SU mascot called Derek the Badger

This Idea for Change opened on 21 Feb 2019 and closed on 07 March 2019.

20 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +12.

This Idea for Change has passed to the Student Change team for action:

  • 7 Mar 2019: Derek the Badger is now the mascot of the SU, and will be playing RON in the upcoming Sabbatical Elections 2019. Thank you to Joshua Mirabueno for creating Derek the Badger. Derek will also be stated as a mascot on the SU website. 

This Idea is a win, and is thus complete. 



Adam Southall
11:16am on 7 Mar 19 This Idea is complete and comments are closed.
Marie Dodd
9:48am on 7 Mar 19 This Idea has passed and the comments will remain open for discussion while the Create Change team action the Idea.
Kieran Bott
1:53pm on 6 Mar 19 Why so much hate on Derek the Badger?!