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Many city campus students complain about the lack of events at city campus but there are bars in Wolverhampton such as the Royal London that are situated close to the university and popular with students. Create a dialogue with these pubs to run SU events at these venues. This will enable SU events to occur more frequently but not putting strain on SU staff.

I would love the venue to be utilized more as a student bar but if this isn't feasible at the moment the SU should utilize resources that are already in place in Wolverhampton city center.


Better communication with local bars in Wolverhampton

This Idea for Change opened on 18 Feb 2019 and closed on 04 March 2019.

15 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of -11.

Ideas need a score above 10 to pass, and therefore this Idea has failed. There are no further actions on this Idea.



Marie Dodd
8:18pm on 4 Mar 19 The Idea is closed and discussion is closed.
Kieran Bott
7:06pm on 23 Feb 19 I had advertised it with large posters all over the SU for a week before the meeting, but my apologies that you didn't see it. If it fits as a comment here, I will post an approved account of the meeting (we didn't have a minute taker unfortunately), to cover the key points raised at the meeting and the ideas and potential solutions expressed. If that isn't possible, I'm pretty easy to track down and I'm also in the SU most days (distinctively normally carrying a guitar as I play in various bars most nights of the week), so will happily take an email address from you and send them that way. Failing that, the Create Change and Societies teams know me very well, so feel free to ask them to pass your email address along to me. Also, another meeting of a similar kind will be held at some point in the future where we can provide updates from the first meeting but also go into greater detail about many further issues, so keep a look out for that one!
Emily Hughes
11:08am on 20 Feb 19 It was by Labour society connor. Would those of us that couldn't attend the meeting be provided with the minutes potentially as it affects all of us?
Connor Levers
7:05pm on 19 Feb 19 Kieran, maybe I'm wrong but had the SU even advertised that meeting? If I'd known about it, I definitely would've voiced my concerns.
Kieran Bott
8:16pm on 18 Feb 19 The SU have a duty to provide these events and services and to listen to the student voice. That's why some of our tuition fees go to the SU blocks grant. We're paying for services that the SU should provide. Having the SU's logo attached to events that already take place simply doesn't cut it. We pay for it, the rooms are there, the equipment is there. The SU need to make use of them. Those bars all charge quite a lot for drinks, the whole purpose of an SU bar is that students have their drinks cheaper. Instead of this, we need to focus on the issue at hand: SU mismanagement. The money is there, the bar is there, the demand is there, but management refuse to listen despite having an obligation to do so. There is a meeting tomorrow night in fact where this exact issue is being discussed - Tuesday 19th February, The Venue at 17:00. We need everyone behind that one, it's time for change and to fight for an SU that is led by students and works for students.
Joseph Moreton
8:04pm on 18 Feb 19 The SU has a perfectly good Venue that could be used to run its own events, deferring things to other bars doesn't solve the problem of lack of events and engagement in the SU. There is a demand for events and a bar on campus, the SU should be fulfilling these demands rather than sending students elsewhere.
Connor Levers
6:28pm on 18 Feb 19 The SU really could do with upping their game with social events. You look at other Uni's SUs; they're planning and hosting many university appropriate events. Honestly I think Wolves' lack of a bar/social events is one of its biggest downfalls. We're meant to be Uni students!
Emily Hughes
1:52pm on 18 Feb 19 Entry to bars (such as hogs and royal) are free (£1 for a quiz is not too much money) and many students use them anyway so the SU would be benefiting by communicating with them.
Gwennan Evans
1:44pm on 18 Feb 19 The reason most people ask for events to be held in the venue and to be run by the students Union is because we can't all afford to go out and pay to enter somewhere that we then have to pay for food and drinks at on top. It would be better if the su just did cheap events that don't take much time to organise like a weekly quiz or games night or even a film night at majorly discounted prices so that those of us that are broke can still go out and have a good time at university.