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As students may or may not be aware, the country's ecosystem is in a dying state (along with the rest of the planet). The SU should put funds into massively increasing bio-diverse green spaces.

Wolverhampton has a lot of traffic pollution, more plant life counters the pollution from cars going into the atmosphere. That's just one positive example. Even if it is just the University grounds, and this won't change the overall unfortunate path, promoting eco-friendly urbanism is the way to go. No to harmful pesticides!


The University needs more bio-diverse green spaces across campuses

This Idea for Change opened on 15 Feb 2019 and closed on 01 March 2019.

18 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +27.

  • 17 May 2019: The Campaign's Developer has spent time communicating with the Chair of the Practical Wildlife Conservation Society, members of the University and has sought funding for potential projects to increase green campuses. A meeting will be taking place next week where the Student Change team can consider the next steps forwards. We hope to provide you with further updates by 07 June 2019.
  • 11 Aug 2019: This Idea has expired as it did not meet the roll-over threshold for being worked on during the next academic year. This Idea had scored less than 30, and has not passed to the next academic year. #wolveschange


Marie Dodd
11:59am on 4 Mar 19 This Idea has passed and the comments will remain open for discussion while the Create Change team action the Idea.
Kieran Bott
2:18am on 19 Feb 19 This comments section is turning into an episode of Ground Force!
Fiona Rapson
8:52pm on 15 Feb 19 The main courtyard at Wolverhamton City campus has huge paths which are rarely fullly utilised, a good improvement would be to extend the grass further towards MA and MI. More flower beds, wildflower patches and insect attracting plant species would make the campus courtyard far more interesting, pretty and attractive!
Connor Levers
4:32pm on 15 Feb 19 The courtyard could look quite nice with some decent sized trees tbf
Iman Hussain
4:21pm on 15 Feb 19 fuckloads of trees in the courtyard please