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Typically at 17:00, to quote a friend, "The SU is like Alcatraz". This is particularly frustrating when events are running in the SU or large amounts of equipment need to be taken in or out. If events are running, to lock up the doors directly opposite the library entrance and the doors that take you from the SU reception into the Social Space is plainly ridiculous and serves only to cause problems for all of those who work very hard to run these events.

In recent months, we have held society meetings where - despite still being in the SU - these doors have been locked and the shutters have been closed. As a result, these meetings always get a very low attendance and many people have said that they believed that these meetings had been cancelled as the SU was closed.

At a live music event in December scheduled to finish at midnight, our bassist quickly left at 22:00 to walk his girlfriend out of the university, only for the SU to be locked up while he was gone, taking him almost half an hour to finally be let back in. Although we were unaware at the time, all of our attendees were locked inside also. When we finished the event an hour early at 23:00, we found ourselves once again locked in - despite our bassist speaking with security. A large number of people being locked in the SU not only massively inconvenienced us but we would all hate to think what would have happened if a fire had broken out. It should also be said that on this occasion, with the main entrance to the SU being locked up before the event had even started, many of those who wanted to attend believed that it had been cancelled.

On Friday 8th February at around 18:00, we had to carry a full drum kit, 4 guitars, two amplifiers and loads of other equipment all through and around the courtyard instead of directly out of the SU because it had been locked up already by 18:00! As there were only 3 of us to carry this, this also meant leaving valuable equipment unattended whilst we carried what could from The SU through the courtyard.

It seems very clear that students can't use the SU how they should and that closing it at these times significantly impacts the work of students who try to make good use of the place, not to mention leads to very poor attendance of society events or SU events. If any meetings or events are scheduled, the SU should remain open as normal - shutters up, main entrance to the SU open, everything.


Keep Wolves SU open later and during events/ society meetings

This Idea for Change opened on 15 Feb 2019 and closed on 01 March 2019.

14 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +24.

This Idea for Change has passed to the Student Change team for action:

  • 06 March 2019: The Create Change team have liaised with security and it has been agreed that the SU will now be open and accessible until Midnight. Students will be able to access the social space and kitchenette area via the automatic doors leading off the MD corridor. There are no further updates on this Idea, as it is complete.
  • 14 March 2019: The Create Change team would like to apologise that the recent opening hours have now been revoked and security will be returning to their original routine of closing the SU at 6pm. Students will only be able to access the social space via the courtyard door, until 10pm. Current booking forms stipulate a 10pm finishing time so where you believe hours will need to be extended, this needs to be clearly requested at least one week before the event take place so that Security can be aware of any staffing changes. While the Create Change team understands that students have been utilising the kitchenette facilities in the SU of an evening, we are considering whether these facilities can be safely utilised in the social space instead. It is hoped that with the redevelopement of the Harrison Learning Centre a kitchen facility will be installed, so beginning in September students should have a better provision of kitchenette utilities.
    • Our apologies once again; this Idea is a fail and there are no further updates on this Idea as it is complete. 


Marie Dodd
6:39pm on 6 Mar 19 This Idea is complete. Comments are closed.
Marie Dodd
11:56am on 4 Mar 19 This Idea has passed and the comments will remain open for discussion while the Create Change team action the Idea.
Edward Young
10:27am on 17 Feb 19 As so far as I am aware. As someone who has raised similar issues with the student union staff, this is due to staff leaving personal belongings or expensive equipment in the area when they leave. Thus wanting it to be locked up. Personally I think this is a rather silly concept as it is the only area within the wolverhampton campus that can be booked out that has not only access to a large area like the venue, but is also the only area that can be booked out with sofas, large tables and comfortable tables. This has caused serious issues for the society I sit on the committee for as our society used to use the full SU space but has now had half of it cut off for (apparently) no reason.
Kieran Bott
2:46pm on 16 Feb 19 This is nothing to do with the SU staff, in fact they are inconvenienced by it too when they work late. This is the university security - who are in place 24 hours a day - choosing to lock the place up at this time when they shouldn't.
Emily Hughes
8:12am on 16 Feb 19 As someone who has run events in the SU I agree this would be useful however it isn't fair to the staff who work hard hours during the day due to the SU being understaffed for them to have to stay later. If the SU could hire event security/staff this would be better?