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We've all been in the situation. Where we've forgotten a pen or a pad of paper. The Uni shop sells lined paper for a stupidly high price, especially when you only need it for one lesson.

The union should provide free pens, pencils and lined paper for use in these situations.

If you leave you bag on the train, and have no money your day in university can be wasted without the means to take notes. This solution will allow easier learning during stressful times.

I suggest they place a pot of pens, pencils and a box of lined paper in each union on every campus.


Offer free stationery in the Union

This Idea for Change opened on 24 Jan 2019 and closed on 7 Feb 2019.

30 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of 5.

Ideas need a score above 10 to pass, and therefore this Idea has failed. There are no further actions on this Idea.



Marie Dodd
11:06am on 7 Feb 19 This Idea has failed and discussion is closed.
Samuel Ord
3:45pm on 29 Jan 19 I take issue with Connors comment. Simply because you may not have a pen or pad just because you forgot it, there are other reasons. You bag may have been robbed, a water bottle could have leaked. Student jobs in Wolverhampton are minimal also. "If you don't have any money, make sure you do before your next lecture." Is a very ill thought statement that only applies to the employed or students with financially stable family. In regards to the cost, you can view all the SU expenditures online and they waste money constantly on stupid stuff. Not to mention how much money it actually makes! The SU would have no issue financially putting out a pack of lined paper and pot of pencils. They literally give out free pens and stuff on stalls all the time.
Connor Levers
1:22pm on 29 Jan 19 I agree with Lee, sounds like the students who consistently forget their pens etc just need to organise themselves better. You're an adult now, not a Year 7... If you know you don't have any pens/paper at the start of a lecture, before your next one take a trip into the city centre. You can get yourself a notepad and packet of pens for less than £3 and that'll last you at least a semester. If you don't have any money, make sure you do before your next lecture. The SU shop is extortionate price wise but shop around. If you dedicate just 10 mins to walk into the city centre, you can find cheap stationary and not needlessly drain the SU of funds which should be used to benefit all students, not just the unorganised.
Lee Booker
8:16pm on 28 Jan 19 Feel the money it would cost could be better allocated elsewhere in the students union & services. Just feels like a lack of personal accountability when it comes to something like leaving a bag on a train. A small box of pens and a notepad do not cost very much from most standard shops like ASDA. Agree SU funds should be used to support people with genuine needs surrounding poverty, accessibility, support etc. But i dont think they should be used to make up for poor organisation or bad money management for anyone who just decides to stroll in and rob some stationery. Plus, basic alternatives like asking a fellow student or tutor "Do you have a spare pen I could lend for this please?" could solve the problem.
Edward Young
2:29pm on 28 Jan 19 I think that some cheep pads and pens should be available, however I would not agree 'open for just taking' as it were. Maybe there is some way of students being able to 'claim' a pad and pen 2 or 3 times in a semester. That way on the off chance you do forget your note taking kit, you're all good. but people can't just come in and grab everything. You can just log it with your SU log in or student card. Its pretty easy to track as so far as I can tell.
Samuel Ord
12:30pm on 27 Jan 19 I agree with this. The Student Union has loads of money, we don't. Who cares if they don't get returned. Look at all the SU pens they give out in freshers
Gwennan Evans
6:06pm on 26 Jan 19 Surely if you leave your bag on the train the priority is your bag and not how you're going to make notes at your lecture...
Alice Bycroft
1:54pm on 26 Jan 19 It is a good idea but I am pretty sure it will become very expensive to manage because they will never really be returned