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The high cost of printing deter some students from using the printers at all, which I think is a shame because we should all be able to at least print off study material to be productive without going broke.


Reduce cost of printing

This Idea for Change opened on 23 Jan 2019 and was due to close on 6 Feb 2019. Due to an error preventing students from finding this Idea, we extended voting so it closed on the 9 Feb 2019.

28 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +41 (46).

  • 14 May 2019: The Campaigns Developer is approaching Print Services to discuss the costs of printing and talk about the feasibility of reducing the costs for students. We hope to provide you with an update by 04 June 2019.
  • 11 Aug 2019: This Idea has been rolled-over into Create Change 2019/20. We will continue to work on this Idea in the next academic year.
    • Under the new scoring mechanic, the revised score for this Idea is 46.




Marie Dodd
9:30am on 11 Feb 19 This Idea has passed and the comments will remain open for discussion while the Create Change team action the Idea.
Donna Nzuki
11:59am on 27 Jan 19 Other universities offer a small balance at the start of every academic year. Which I think is the best option, free printing allows for abuse of system.
Samuel Ord
12:06pm on 23 Jan 19 We pay 9+ grand a year. It should be free!