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save the world


Paper straws in Walsall SU Bar and Cafe

This Idea for Change opened on 21 Jan 2019 and closed on 4 Feb 2019.

17 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +14.

This Idea for Change was passed to the Walsall Operations Coordinator. We hope to update you by 12 March 2019. 

28 Feb 2019: The Walsall Operations Coordinator would like to announce that Walsall Bar and Cafe will now be using paper straws. The equipment has been ordered and is expected to arrive by the end of next week. This Idea is a win and is therefore complete.



Marie Dodd
7:20pm on 6 Mar 19 This Idea for Change is marked as a win, and comments have now closed.
Marie Dodd
4:08pm on 5 Feb 19 The Idea is closed, but the comment box will be left open for discussions on the progress of the idea.
Katie Racklyeft
5:46pm on 22 Jan 19 This would limit some disabled students who may need to use bendable straws