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It would be nice to have an option to be anonymous when you wish to write a comment in someones change idea. Keeping peoples privacy whilst expressing an opinion that adds to someone idea. Avoids backlash and people finding you on social media.


Have the option to make your comment anonymous in peoples Change Ideas

This Idea for Change opened on 15 Jan 2019 and closes on 29 Jan 2019.

26 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +12.

This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action:

  • 29 Jan 2019: Under the current way we use Create Change, the comments "widget" is fixed and cannot be made anonymous. We have asked our website provider, MSL, to look into adding an option for students to mark their comment as anonymous. We'll have further updates before 19 Feb 2019. 
  • 5 Feb 2019: Having spoken to our website provider, MSL, it is something they're looking at including this but have no timescale for delivery at present. We'll continue to look for further options, but for now this Idea has failed. 

This Idea for Change has failed due to current technological constraints. We will review this over the summer and update in September 2019.



Adam Southall
3:34pm on 5 Feb 19 This Idea has failed due to technical limitations and comments are closed. We will, however, review whether this can be implemented in future.
Lee Booker
7:05pm on 22 Jan 19 I think the SU themselves should have access to who wrote a comment. This would allow people to express their opinions without being targeted by those who disagree with them strongly whilst maintaining a standard that doesn't allow someone to comment wishing for a genocide for example.
Edward Young
8:38am on 16 Jan 19 I can see both sides of this argument. I think it shouldn't be fully anonymous (IE anyone can comment with no logging in ect). But I also agree, the full printing of your full name is kind of....exposing? I don't know. It is not comfortable. I think printing someone's first name, and if someone puts up an abusive/rude or just untoward comment (for example, on another one I saw a comment that was just 'F*** Nestle') or something that doesn't contribute. Then the university can take action since they have all the accounts and you are logged in to comment.
Lauren Cox
11:24pm on 15 Jan 19 I understand where you are coming from. However you can pretty much find anyone on social media these days no matter how hard you try to hide you account. Also you still have to be logged in to make a comment, therefore, it can still be traced back into your account and be monitored. I think the idea is that when you post a comment it doesn't print your name.
Peter Bridgwood
2pm on 15 Jan 19 1. Don't make your social media so easy to find. 2. The comments becoming anonymous makes it easier for trolls as people aren't held accountable for their actions\words.