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One slice of white toast from the cafeteria is 55p, that is an extortionate price for toast. University students already struggle with everyday costs, I don't think we should be subjected to the same issues within the university.


Change the price of toast from 55p for ONE SLICE to 20p-30p

This Idea for Change opened on 3 Jan 2019 and closes on 17 Jan 2019.

23 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +38.

This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action, who have until 7 Feb 2019 to provide updates.



Adam Southall
1:21pm on 20 Jan 19 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Sukhdeep Dhesi
4:03pm on 18 Jan 19 Youre paying for the fact that you didn't toast your own bread and bring it with you :D it's called convenience. Solution: There is the SU microwave to heat your bread up.
Iman Hussain
9:16pm on 13 Jan 19 In the words of the French royalty, before having their head cut off via guilotine "LET THEM EAT CAKE".
Mark Smith
8:04pm on 10 Jan 19 Let's just make a breakfast club and offer free simple breakfast to everyone, with donations appreciated. Food poverty is a real thing.
Edward Young
12:44pm on 10 Jan 19 Given the cost of an Asda loaf of bread. A student could in theory, undercut the university by a margin of more than 50% and still make a profit. That fact alone indicates that the price is inordinate.
Sarina Verma
6:05am on 6 Jan 19 I agree the discount given is ridicules, and 55p for toast, you’d rather skip a quick snack.
Emily Hughes
4:53pm on 4 Jan 19 It's 37p for a loaf in ASDA
Connor Levers
5:01pm on 3 Jan 19 The Uni should also look into increasing the laughably low discount of 5% for students...
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