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This would mean transactions would be easier and put less of a burden on the SU to middle-man transactions. It would make everything faster.


Societies should have access to their society bank accounts!

This Idea for Change opened on 4 Dec 2018 and closed on 18 Dec 2018.

17 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +11.

  • 13 May 2019: The Student Groups Advisor will be contacting Finance to discuss this Idea this week. We hope to provide you with further updates by 17 May 2019.
  • 10 Aug 2019: This Student Idea has failed as it did not meet the roll-over threshold for being worked on during the next academic year. This Idea had scored less than 30, and has not passed to the next academic year. #wolveschange


Adam Southall
10:13am on 19 Dec 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Joshua Largent
1:30pm on 5 Dec 18 The current system is very long and drawn out and often means students paying from their own pockets due to being put off by all the paperwork. When trying to grow a society along side your studies the finance available to grow the society should be as easy to access as possible
Maria Duffy
4:40pm on 4 Dec 18 Not necessarily needed directly from the treasurer but at least have direct contact with the finance department, currently to know what we have in our accounts we have to ask someone to ask finance. This means we don't usually know what's going on and just have to wait around. The current system has cause issues for my entire society.
Emily Hughes
2:41pm on 4 Dec 18 As a secretary and treasurer of 2 societies I agree fully with this. Currently it is near impossible to gain financial information about a society's bank account within the same day of asking for the information and because committee members are unaware of the funds available to them, it is then incredibly difficult to organise events for student members.
Connor Levers
2:31pm on 4 Dec 18 I don't think this is a great idea. Having society funds managed by the SU prevents any mishandling of money which may otherwise cause the society to get into financial troubles. Maybe a change in the process of requesting your society's funds to speed up the process would be better, rather than cutting the SU out completely.