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Have a day during Career Development Week when students can "swap" courses from their usual one and try out activities which you'd only find out another course.

e.g. give drama students the opportunity to go in the labs, and give science students the opportunity to try their hand at acting!

Could be a lot of fun and also gives students a mutual respect for each other's courses.


Have a "swap courses for a day" activity during CDW

This Idea for Change opened on 4 Dec 2018 and closed on 18 Dec 2018.

15 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +23.

This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action, who have until 29 Jan 2019 to respond or pass on to an Officer. 



Adam Southall
10:13am on 19 Dec 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Rebecca Dutneall
12:57am on 13 Dec 18 I’m up for this!
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