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As a university we should be using fairtrade products anyway, but Nestlé (owners of Nescafé) has a really poor reputation with child labour, killing its workers, and then there is the major scandals over formula milk in Africa. (please google it and see the information yourselves.)


Boycott Nestlé products from campus including Nescafé

This Big Idea for Change opened on 3 Jan 2019 and closes on 18 Jan 2019.

As a Big Idea, a minimum of 333 students need to vote on this Idea. Should this number of students vote, the Idea will need a simple majority to pass. 

In total, 22 students voted on this Big Idea. This did not meet the minimum number of votes required, and has thus failed. There will be no further updates on this Idea. 



Adam Southall
1:15pm on 20 Jan 19 This Big Idea did not reach the minimum number of students required and has failed. Comments are closed on this Idea.
Iman Hussain
9:18pm on 13 Jan 19 FUCK NESTLE fuck nestle
Rebecca Dutneall
2:43am on 13 Jan 19 I was formally at The University of Leeds and they also had a complete campus ban on Nestlé.