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Graduation policy bans under 8's to attend

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Once parents graduate, their children should be able to sit in the ceremony to view their accomplishments. The university are saying "Graduation is a ceremonial occasion which young children can find tedious" Some may find it interesting and exciting, some may stay calm and sit through out the whole ceremony.

I appreciate newborns may cry, but an option to attend should be available.

And at the very least 20 minuets around the time when parents will walk on stage to complete the ceremony.

I have had children come back to university and completed my degree for their sake to provide them with a better future, if they can not celebrate my accomplishments what was it for so there for I request the university help me in gaining a change in this area.

Some parents may not find child minders for that particular time so does that mean that they can not go to their graduation ceremony.

A very disgusting policy and inconsiderate towards parents, such an accomplishments should be shared with your children and loved ones. There are other universities that allow children to come to graduate ceremonies, they understand the emotional value, why is this university so harsh?


Graduation policy bans under 8's to attend

This Idea for Change opened on 4 Dec 2018 and closes on 18 Dec 2018.

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Govind Dewit
4:33pm on 12 Dec 18 I believe that the ban should be lowered down to the age of 3 or 4 as children over this age can understand the situation, whereas ages below will not understand the situation but also could cause irritant noise. overall the ban should be lowered to a more reasonable age
Truddie Ndhlovu
4:12pm on 12 Dec 18 My children were under 5 when they attended my first graduation and enjoyed the experience. I don't see why children cannot attend.
Kerryjo Mills
1:45pm on 12 Dec 18 A child no matter their age should be able to attend their parents graduation, my daughter is my support and if she could not finalise my journey with me it would break my heart. We travelled this journey together.
Donna Mills
1:38pm on 12 Dec 18 I disagree to under 8s not being able to attend their parents graduation. Not all children are the same, this is ethnically wrong.
Lucie Hembery
9:46pm on 11 Dec 18 My daughter will be 5 when I graduate, I really hope she come and watch what I have achieved. I had no idea that there was a no child policy at the uni. :(
Sarina Verma
5:23pm on 5 Dec 18 I absolutely disagree with the policy children should be allowed to watch their parents graduate
Iman Hussain
1:57pm on 4 Dec 18 The university should make concessions. Atleast have one ceremony set aside where children are allowed to attend. Shameful, I can't imagine going through the process you did and not being able to have my children watch the results.
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