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A dog in the SU for students to interact with and help them to destress during their day to day life at the uni


SU dog

This Idea for Change opened on 21 Nov 2018 and closed on 05 Dec 2018.

21 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +22.

This Idea for Change has passed to the Student Change team for action:

  • 11 Mar 2019: Last year the SU sponsored a dog through the Guide Dog's charity and named him Alfie; photographs of the dog can be seen on the poster board in the kitchenette area of the SU. Unfortunately, the SU does not have the provision to provide 24/7 care for a dog on the campus, although we do regularly have doggy-destress days, Animal Man visits and Guide Dog visits. However, in an effort to reach a compromise and provide an SU dog for our students, the Student Change team are in communications with the Marketing department to consider whether we could run an 'SU dog of the month' competition. We hope to give more updates around this Idea by 25 March 2019.
  • 13 May 2019: The Campaigns Developer is awaiting an appointment with the Marketing Team to further discuss and implement this Idea as Marketing has been busy supporting the Elections and SU Awards and has not had time to put into this Idea as of yet. We hope to give more updates around this Idea by 3 June 2019.
  • 11 Aug 2019: We've always had a SU Dog. They're called Bob. Idea win.


Adam Southall
11:04am on 6 Dec 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Iman Hussain
12:39pm on 21 Nov 18 Nice