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Advantages cheap, biodegradable, it encourages you to drink and dispose.

Appreciate that bottles and cups can cause issues, with disposal and you never know what is in them.


Make paper cones available near water dispensers

This Idea for Change opened on 15 Nov 2018 and closed on 29 Nov 2018.

11 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +10.

This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action:

  • 14 Feb 2019: the Student Change team has spoken with canteen staff and student faculties who have relayed that water coolers are typically used for plastic bottles for sustainability reasons. It has been concluded that students staring in September will receive their own refillable bottles. In the meantime, the SU will be providing paper cones by their water cooler This Idea is now complete.

This Idea is complete, there are no further actions on this Idea.



Marie Dodd
4:33pm on 14 Feb 19 This Idea is complete and the discussions are now closed.
Adam Southall
10:47am on 29 Nov 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.