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Put some lockers next to the project labs on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
Project students spend a significantly longer period of time working within the labs compared to those doing Level 4/5.
Project students attempting to go into the labs at the same time as a practical class are finding it increasing difficult to find a free locker.


Lockers for Level 6 & PG Project Students next to project labs

This Idea for Change opened on 9 Nov 2018 and closed on 23 Nov 2018.

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Adam Southall
12:24pm on 28 Nov 18 This Idea has failed and discussion is closed.
Phoebe Hinton-Sheley
3:26pm on 9 Nov 18 As a Level 6 Microbiology student here, I wholeheartedly agree. The lockers are a pain anyway as they are - half of them are broken, and some of them end up not letting you in afterwards! I 100% agree with this one