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We would like the Students' Union to be open on Sundays

This Idea for Change opened on 24 Oct 2018 and closed on 07 Nov 2018.

17 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +3.

Ideas need a score above 10 to pass, and therefore has failed. There are no further actions on this Idea.



Adam Southall
12:21pm on 7 Nov 18 This Idea has failed. Discussion is closed.
Liam Slough
8:48am on 6 Nov 18 I agree with blessings comment about having Sunday off. I think it's a bit unfair to expect the staff to be there on a Sunday when they work Monday to Friday and hold addition events outside normal hours on a regular basis. For those reasons and ones already mentioned I do not believe that the SU should be open on a Sunday
Blessing Amrevweatefa
9:02am on 3 Nov 18 They should have Sunday off to worship almighty God and be with their family. Should they have to open Sundays let it be for few hours or half day.