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I am really stuck and have literally gone to anyone and everyone about the problems I am having with the university bus and I am not alone. I live in Telford and have chosen to commute to university everyday. I get the 7.45am from Telford. Now the problem isn't the bus from Telford to Wolverhampton, the problem is the bus from Wolverhampton to Walsall. The bus driver goes for an almost hour break after dropping us off at Wolverhampton campus. This means me and fair few others wait around for him to pick us back up. This is making me late to lessons I don't want to miss! I feel like a bus should go from Telford to Walsall and a bus should go from Telford to Wolvo or the bus driver should have a break after maybe the full route is complete at Walsall. I have looked for other ways to try and get here earlier either options are to extortionate or get me here the same time. I really would like help because I get up quite early and arrive so late and I'm missing out of lessons I really don't want to miss.

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Bus times from Telford to Walsall

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Adam Southall
12:21pm on 7 Nov 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
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