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Saying we're all students and "students have no money" why is the food on campus so expensive! Can we have some cheaper options or good deals for students with their ID card?


Cheaper food on campus

This Idea for Change opened on 16 Oct 2018 and closed on 30 Oct 2018.

34 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +67 (54).

  • 16 Oct 2018: This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action, who have until 13 Nov 2018 to respond or pass on to an Officer. 
  • 14 Nov 2018: This Idea has passed to the Community Officer for action. We expect to provide further updates before 5 Dec 2018. 
  • 11 Aug 2019: This Idea has been rolled-over into Create Change 2019/20. We will continue to work on this Idea in the next academic year.
    • Under the new scoring mechanic, the revised score for this Idea is 54.


Adam Southall
11:29am on 30 Oct 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Joseph Moreton
1:01am on 30 Oct 18 The shop should ideally be run as a not-for-profit Student Co-operative. As the University is unlikely to go for this as their main interest in the shop is making profit from it, the least they can do is lower the prices somewhat. Students should not be punished with high prices for choosing to eat on-campus.
Liam Slough
11:22pm on 25 Oct 18 Although the shop probably must make some profit to pay for staff wages I believe the uni shop should be as close to non profit as possible. Shouldn't be trying to be making money off students simply because it has location convenience.
Phoebe Hinton-Sheley
1:57pm on 25 Oct 18 At the moment, there is a 5% discount for students if you have your student card on you - however, this discount it a little bit measly, considering the price of the food. We should have access to a discount of at least 10% for it to feel worth it. Although I do agree with Chad - I would worry about the food quality declining. There are some cheap options for snacks on site - for example, the yogurts sold in the MB building are only 40p each!
Chad Astbury
5:39pm on 18 Oct 18 I agree, the prices need to come down. I am concerned, however, that the quality will follow if this happens...
Gwennan Evans
1:27pm on 16 Oct 18 The shop is equally as expensive! There's such a lack of choice there and they've gotten rid of the meal deal which makes everything ridiculously pricey. Bottles of water in the vending machines cost more than 4 pints of milk from asda like honestly where is the logic in that?
Daniel Mullany
12:45pm on 16 Oct 18 I 100% agree on this one. The canteen is really quite pricey. I hear people constantly complaining about the cost of food on campus. A chicken wrap costs £4! £4! That is definitely on the steep side.