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I currently am in at 9am 4/5 days a week and am travelling from Telford so spending £80 a week on fuel due to the buses not being able to get to Walsall from Telford until 9:30. This will be the same for many other students.


Appropriately timed buses from Telford to Walsall campus for students with 9am lectures

This Idea for Change opened on 16 Oct 2018 and closed on 30 Oct 2018.

16 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +31.

  • 16 Apr 2019: The University would like to extend the following message: "The present time has been formulated to provide the optimum service level for all students and staff; regrettably the number of driving staff and buses doesn't allow for a direct service from Telford to Walsall. If the first service from Telford was to be brought forward to coincide with the 07.50 hrs departure from Randall Lines; it would mean a 06.45 hrs departure from Telford Bus Station which would upset a great amount of students using the first departure. Conversely the last evening service would have to be dropped to accommodate the earlier departure."

This Idea is closed and no further action will be taken.



Adam Southall
11:29am on 30 Oct 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Mandy Gunter
8:14pm on 29 Oct 18 I am a Masters Student and have to be at walsall for 9am, to catch the uni buses I would need to be in wolverhampton earlier than I need to leave home to drive to walsall, if the buses can't run appropriately maybe you need to consider lecture start times to be family/travel friendly!
Francesca Finnigan
9:24am on 29 Oct 18 3 out of my 4 days at uni, start at 9am with lectures and practicals that I am missing out on due to the bus timetable. This is going to result in me getting bad grades or even failing due to missing out on so many different lectures. The telford bus would be fine, if the driver didn’t go on a break for an hour after getting to wolves!
Nathan Dewsbury
1:22pm on 22 Oct 18 I strongly agree with this comment. I dont see the point in having 9am leactures but not providing the transport for students to get to lesson on time.
Jodi Ecclestone
10:23am on 22 Oct 18 I strongly agree with this change. I have tried to go to anyone and everyone about this problem and I am being passed around. I am being marked late for lectures I don't want to miss and also I get up so early to travel with this bus and get here so late. There are a lot of people who are experiencing this problem and really appreciate if someone could help us change it. Either put on separate busses from Telford to Walsall or ask the bus driver to change his break time to after doing the full route round as he spends almost an hour from dropping us off a Wolverhampton campus to then repicking us up. I have been watching to see if they swap drivers or something but they don't.
Jennifer Lewis
12:59pm on 20 Oct 18 I have the same problem as well. It's very frustrating
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