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I myself am not a slim person this is due to having health problems and struggling with weight. So I'm not saying take out all the chairs in the hall maybe change some of the rows for bigger people so they can sit comfortably.


Wider chairs needed in lecture halls

This Idea for Change opened on 12 Oct 2018 and closed on 26 Oct 2018.

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Adam Southall
11:27am on 30 Oct 18 This Idea has failed and discussion is closed.
Edward Young
7:27am on 26 Oct 18 Maybe it could be possible to have some form of 'impaired mobility seating' Where people with weight issues, or other mobility issues are capable of being sat? the issue then is what if a normal student sits there ect? I think that generally that the current seating is 'ok' in the sense it is passable. if not the best. Mind you I'd honestly prefer it if they fixed the lack of plugs first as a student with dyslexia it is making my life very hard, 4 hour lecture and a 2.5hr battery life? there goes my notes.
Connor Levers
5:40pm on 16 Oct 18 That is very true Gwen, but I think the larger students do have a right to be comfortable while in lectures. Obviously we shouldn't promote unhealthy lifestyles but maybe altering the first couple rows in MC001 etc wouldn't do anyone any harm.
Gwennan Evans
1:32pm on 16 Oct 18 I feel like this is just enabling weight issues. If we look at the opposite side of things, what if they get made too big for smaller people to be able to sit comfortably or reach the table when it's pulled up?