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The University should be putting more resources into resolving the timetabling issues

This Idea for Change opened on 05 Oct 2018 and closed on 19 Oct 2018.

42 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +77.

  • 19 Oct 2018: This Idea for Change as passed to the Student Change team for action, who have until 5 Nov 2018 to respond or pass on to an Officer. 
  • 7 Nov 2018: This Idea has been passed to the Academic Officer, who has until 28 Nov 2018 to respond.
  • 07 May 2019: The Academic Officer has confirmed that individual timetables will be released approximately six weeks before the new academic year commences.

This Idea is a Win and is thus complete.



Hakon Kerkes
11:32pm on 7 May 19 The uni has been supposed to be providing me with timetables before semester starts and in a format easy for me to read for the past 4 years, they haven't managed it yet so what makes this any different? If they can't do it for one student when it is written in the TAS, they aren't going to manage it for everyone!
Adam Southall
10:50am on 23 Oct 18 This Idea for Change has closed, but comments are still open for discussion on the progress of this Idea.
Ruth Thompson
11:40pm on 22 Oct 18 The timetables are not clearly indicated in terms of rooming which causes issues in terms of what room your supposed to be in or even what building your lecture has been allocated to.
Alison Hinton
9:39pm on 18 Oct 18 I collected some feedback from some fellow students on my course, some have mentioned the timetable for the year not being available with enough notice to make childcare and work arrangements. One of our lecture halls was changed at the last minute from MH to MC which many view MC001 as the worst room as it is very cramped in there. It has also been a concern to some that they have to wait 3 hours in between lecture and seminar while others are in an earlier group, it would be fairer for the workshops to run parallel. The majority of the issue however seems to be more with equipment in the rooms. Panopto has failed to work numerous times and a lot of the computers in MCB12 don’t work, and the ones that do are incredibly slow.
Aabidah Shah
10:56am on 17 Oct 18 It’s been quite frustrating having last minute room and time changes because of unavailable spaces, even more frustrating having to change rooms mid lecture because of double bookings of rooms!
Mark Christopher Dunn
8:56am on 8 Oct 18 The online timetable is not very user friendly, a simplified version would ensure students are in lectures on time and know where they are going. Having individual timetables or having lectures put on your canvas calender would be way more useful. We had one lecture in our first week that we didn't have a room for and one where 20 students had to sit on the floor as there weren't enough seats!! Surely rooms should be booked and when they are they should be big enough for the amount of students in the lecture.
Laura Shaw
6:28pm on 6 Oct 18 There are issues with the online timetable as it is not in a weekly form; so you have to view it and try to guess what class applies to what week, if it was provided by a weekly view it may be easier
Chloe Adcock
10:31am on 6 Oct 18 The lack of a personal timetable on the mywlv app really bothers me. I found it very helpful and easier to use last year.
Joel Browne
9:36am on 6 Oct 18 I believe we could go back to school days, where we had those diary sized books with each day informing of lesson, start time and finish. I strongly believe that making such an amendment would alleviate a seemingly ongoing confusion of where students are to be on a certain day. Also the communication between students and lectures must improve.
Javed Kola
7:04pm on 5 Oct 18 Timetabling issues causes students to have problems attending the correct rooms for lectures and lab sessions. This problem should be rectified as soon as possible due to the fact we are final year students.
Donna Nzuki
7:02pm on 5 Oct 18 It's really annoying that we still don't have a personal timetable on the mywlv app!!