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A quiet sensory space in MD071

Would be nice for wellbeing to have a small room to go to to calm down and be mindful.
A few sensory things like a bubble tube lamp (eg. ebay for 5foot for under 30quid)


A quiet sensory room

This Idea opened on 24 Aug 2018 and closed on 7 Sep 2018. 

21 students voted on this Idea, which has a score of +29.

This Idea has passed to the Community Officer for action:

  • 20 Sep 2018: We're looking into space, and have highlighted two potential areas - either a bookable space in the Venue, or repurposing current Societies storage (moving the lockers into the SU Lounge). We'll give further updates before 4 Oct 2018.
  • 3 Oct 2018: We're sourcing alternative locations (e.g. Chaplancy) as MD071 is unavailable to be used as a sensory room. We'll give further updates before 18 Oct 2018.
  • 6 Nov 2018: We're having conversations with Chaplancy about the suitability of using their space for a sensory room. We'll give further updates before 27 Nov 2018.
  • 22 Jan 2019: Sensory room equipment has been signed off for order (for this Idea, and Idea 088), and we hope to complete this Idea soon. We expect to provide further updates on this Idea before 12 Feb 2019. 
  • 11 March 2019: Equipment has arrived at the SU and the Create Change team and Diversity Officer have located a potential room. We are now in discussions about arranging the room for use. We expect to provide further updates on this Idea before 25 March 2019. 
  • 07 May 2019: A PO has been raised for further sensory items that would kit out the room. A room has been sourced and facilities will be contacted once the items have been ordered so the room can be made readily available when the items arrive. We expect to provide further updates on this Idea before 28 May 2019.


Lin Singh-Barrington
8:23pm on 5 Sep 18 A great, progressive idea for students, especially those with hidden disabilities like Autism.
Rebecca Dutneall
6:15pm on 31 Aug 18 I would welcome this idea to be considered again. I would use it