Institute of Sport and Human Sciences Updates

The start of SEM 2 update

I started the week by baking some muffins!

  • I followed up all the actions from the council meeting and closed the feedback loops with staff and students.
  • I also attended the my course and more which will be happening virtually this month! It’s very exciting as it offers students the chance to do some extra qualifications/ training (it is replacing careers week).
  • I attended a mindfulness session with other staff members at the SU, this gave me lots of resources and advice that I can give out to students if needed.
  • I spoke with the head of the PCRC to under how they work and what they can offer to students in terms of counselling and mental health support and advice. The PCRC is run by doctoral psychology students, its an amazing project at the university!
  • I taught my 3rd live workout class this week! If you haven’t already make sure to Gettings involved they’re on the SU Facebook and Instagram.
  • I also delivered the course rep training to the sports course reps, discussed Walsall events with the events team and met with the new student voice assist as our SU grows even more.
  • On Monday I was lucky to be apart of the curricula development for the 2-year pre-registration Masters in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and podiatry which will be delivered at Telford campus as of September 2022. The aim of this was to include sports students who may want to progress into one of these masters. If this sounds like you then please message me and I can provide you with more detail! These courses are not fully developed yet. 
  • To finish the week off I pitched my business idea to SPEED, they’re based at the university of Wolverhampton and offer business advice and support! Take a look if this interests you!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like access to the mental health and/or mindfulness resources. I also have the links to the live classes if you have missed them and I am happy to offer support regarding nutrition, training and lifestyle. Or if you have any academic or university issues I am here to help.

Have a great weekend,

Kind Regards,