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If you are concerned that an assessment grade is lower than expected:

In the first instance take some time to read through your assessment (where possible) and feedback again; referring to the relevant assessment criteria (if not contained in the module guide, this will be available from your lecturer).

If after reviewing this, you believe a grade awarded for an assessment (a piece of coursework, test or examination) may have been miscalculated or you have not received sufficient feedback to understand the grade you have been awarded, you may use the academic appeals process.

Before appealing, discuss the matter with the relevant tutor (usually the marker of the work)

You should try and do this as soon as possible, as you only have 20 working days from the date you receive your returned assessment and/or written feedback or receive your exam results, in which to submit your appeal.

You should note that no student can question ‘academic judgement’ (a lecturer’s expert judgement about a student’s academic performance).

This meeting with your tutor should resolve most concerns. If, as part of this process, it becomes clear that there has been a problem with marking, such as questions being missed or grades being miscalculated, these can be resolved immediately.

Last reviewed: May 2022

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