Articles of Association

The Memorandum and Articles of Association is the primary governing document of the Students' Union. Alongside the Bye-Laws, associated regulations, and Codes of Conduct this makes up the Constitution of the University of Wolverhampton Students' Union.

We have written a Guide to the Constitution that can be read alongside the Articles, Bye-Laws, and Codes of Conduct.

Articles of Association
University of Wolverhampton Students' Union

Incorporated on 7 June 2010, as amended by Special Resolution on 17 May 2019.


  • Key Constitutional Provisions

    This section describes the organisation, its purpose, the activities it can engage in and the boundaries of its work. It describes what happens if the organisation was to be dissolved and how the articles can be amended.

  • Membership

    This section describes who the members of the Students’ Union are.

  • Referendums

    This section describes how a referendum may be called.

  • Meetings

    This section describes how Student Members’ meetings are called and what business will take place within them and how Company Law Meetings are called.

  • Trustees

    This section describes who the trustees are, how they are appointed, how they can be removed and their powers.

  • Decision Making By Trustees

    This section describes how trustees can make decisions and how trustee meetings will be called and run.

  • Student Council

    This section deals with the powers and responsibilities of Student Council.

  • Administrative Arrangements and Miscellaneous Provisions

    This section deals with miscellaneous issues and includes a table of definitions and interpretations.


Part 1: Key Constitutional Provisions

Part 2: Membership

Part 3: Trustees

Part 4: Student Council

Part 5: Administrative Arrangements and Miscellaneous Provisions