Mindfulness Walks Around Campus

It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice what is happening around us. Mindfulness is a technique you can learn which involves making a special effort to notice what's happening in the present moment, in your mind, body and surroundings. Mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better.

To help you be more mindful in your day to day life we’ve created three mindfulness walking trails around Walsall campus for you to stretch your legs and restore balance into your life, whether that’s in between lectures, during your lunch break or to break up your study time. These range from 15-minute walk to a 1-hour walk. A mindful walk is an excellent way to clear your mind of clutter and restore your sense of focus.

We have also created a mindfulness guide to help you bring mindfulness into your daily life. The guide contains mindfulness exercises such as a breathing exercise, body scan and mindful eating exercise. Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who have had three or more bouts of depression in the past.

For more information about mindfulness and mental health click here

Save the maps below to remember your route!

Tips on making your mindful walk more fun
(and sensible!)

  • Take up the walk with a buddy! Walking alone may not be the most safest idea or the most fun – take part in the walk with a friend and take this opportunity to catch up and find out how you are both doing.
  • Remember as we approach the end of the year darker nights are approaching. May try the walk in-between a lecture during a day, or take a break from studying and get some fresh air!
  • Make sure you are being road safe when taking routes.
  • Keep vigilant. We are all about taking in the experience but make sure not to lose sight of your surroundings and the things mentioned above.
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