Accommodation Frustration

Join us for our first virtual housing fair 5th - 9th March for all of your housing needs.

It’s easy to panic and rush into house hunting. Here are some Top Tips to make sure you don’t have to...


1) When should I start looking or thinking about it?

In terms of knowing when to think about housing, there’s no official date you should start looking. Don’t panic and rush into it, but don’t completely forget about it either.

The market is extremely competitive and whether you’re looking at staying in halls, or getting a private house share with friends…supply is plentiful!

There is no need to have signed a tenancy before Christmas (no matter what your landlord or accommodation provider may be telling you!)

2) Who should I live with?

Accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes, from all-inclusive communal Halls, to one or two person apartments to eight person shared houses. Some people choose to live with out-of-course friends so they don’t get completely bored of spending every minute of the day with them. If you’re the quiet type (or if you consider yourself a “mature” student), living communally with a bunch of super-sociable people who go out partying all the time probably isn’t the best idea - and vice versa - If you love company, you might not want to live on your own! Either way, making sure you are on the same wavelength as your housemates is key

3) Where should I live?

The best thing to do before you start looking for accommodation is to consider what your priorities are. Start by making yourself a wish list of the top things you wants from your ideal property, then compare your answers with friends.

Be honest! Do you really want to live with others? How much can you afford for rent? Would you rather pay for all-inclusive (where bills are included)? Would you rather be in walking distance of the Campus us would you be fine with a bus/train/metro journey?

Armed with this information, you can then consider your options, but most importantly...


BE REALISTIC of what you can get for your budget!

VIEW the property (and the tenancy agreement) before you agree to anything!

DON'T PANIC or rush into anything - there really is currently a surplus of good quality student accommodation in the area!

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All week for useful information on student housing options in the area.

It's our first virtual housing fair, to make it more accessible and inclusive for students on and off campus!


University Halls of Residence
5th March
University of Wolverhampton
Well@Wolves | Housing
Private Halls Accommodation
6th March
University of Wolverhampton
Well@Wolves | Housing
Private Rented Sector Houses/Flats
7th March
The University of Wolverhampton
Well@Wolves | Housing
Lodgings/ HomeStay
8th March
The University of Wolverhampton
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Housemin (Housing Admin)
9th March
The University of Wolverhampton
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