Kieran Bott
for Union Chair

That would be cool!

About Kieran

Howdy! I'm Kieran, a politics and history second year. I'm a semi-professional musician and also heavily involved in local politics and campaigning. You might have seen me around the SU, I'm usually there doing all I can to make the place what it should be! I'm running for Union Chair as I feel that my familiarity and knowledge of the SU, as well as my external experience, will provide a lot of potential and will encourage change to come about!

Kieran's promises

  1. To fight for an SU that is led by students and works for students
  2. To encourage an ethical environment within the SU where students and staff are treated fairly and respectfully
  3. Promote student engagement and ensure that the student voice is heard
  4. Encourage our SU to provide extensive support and opportunities for all students regardless of gender, race, sexuality or ability
  5. Support a return of the SU bar along with the entertainment and sense of community that will come with it

More information...

The student experience should be life changing, for many it is what makes their time at university. Unfortunately for us, there is very little to do on campus. We have a Students' Union that struggles to function through years mismanagement and neglect, we don't even have a bar. I'm stepping up to the challenge and I'm fighting for an SU that is led by students and works for students - not an SU where management tell us what we can have whilst lacking any kind of accountability or transparency.

For several months, I have been devoting most of my time to improving the SU to the best of my ability. The popular new layout of the SU was carried out by myself and a friend through 6 hours of work one evening. The stage lights are now working in The Venue, the bar lights and bar itself have been repaired as I personally spent around 60 hours over several weeks fixing it all up and reprogramming the lights after years of neglect as no-one else would do so. As chair of the Labour Society, I have been involved in the recent successful campaigns to keep the SU open until midnight and to provide free sanitary products in the SU. Derek the Bager was also an idea of mine - along with the campaign to replace our Chancellor with a Red Panda!

Having been involved in local and national campaigning for a number of years and holding numerous local, constituency and regional political positions, I will use my experience to ensure that student campaigns within our SU are successful and to fight for the student voice and for a student led Union. I also aim to promote an ethical environment within the SU where students are provided with plenty of opportunities and are encouraged and supported all the way, where staff are paid a living wage and treated respectfully and where the SU only engages with ethical businesses. I also want to see regular events in Wolverhampton, using my experience as a performer to make the SU what it should be.

In short, I am both extremely committed to making our SU into what it should be, getting the student voice heard and to do whatever I can to achieve this - I also believe that the SU lacks fun, so will try my best with that one too. I want the best for our SU and won't stop until I achieve it!

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