Carlo Tomlin
for Shadow Councillor

Your fight... My fight... We fight together!

About Carlo

I'm a straight up what you see is what you get person..
I don't suffer fools gladly but believe in diplomacy.. I'm funny, intelligent, approachable loyal with a true fighting spirit who's loyal and true to myself and others!

Carlo's promises

  1. I don't pull any punches and as a fellow student I understand the importance to be heard and understood with concerns acted on fast!
  2. I walk the walk and talk the talk.. So we walk and talk through this journey together...
  3. To never leave my university family out in the cold with their concerns...

More information...

I'm not doing this to be anyone's best friend.. I'm doing this to build bridges between concerns from studying to the university governance and to make sure that these concerns are and will be listened, heard, and responded to, ethically, respectfully and realistically. I am someone who genuinely cares about people's thoughts and feelings, to help and support students achieve the best service and experience that we have all paid a very high price "not to fail, but succeed" for a healthy and bright future.. I'm a mature student who completely understand the struggles with education... hence the words "mature student" I'm a professional who's had to fight and work my way to succeed so this should identify I am someone who has a proven track record to fight and succeed for those who chose to vote for me?..  I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth... I didn't even have a spoon lol 

I've worked for many professional services in Wolverhampton and Birmingham and know how to professionally interact and get things done.. 

Again, I'm not doing this to be anyone's best friend... I'm doing this to make sure we are all heard but to also give me the experience to work and help support people who can turn to someone who is genuinely on their side to fight for what's important for all our personal experiences together..

I'm not perfect, but I'm brutally honest, approachable, and understanding with a full arsenal ready to defend my family at the university of Wolverhampton..

If you want someone soft it's probably not a good idea to vote for me... but if you want one of your own in your corner, then walk this way and let's do some good work together.. 

As the great William Wallace said..
"Are ya ready for a fight?!"
Peace & Love

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