Student Voice Using feedback successfully

Using Feedback

First of all, collect it! A large proportion of marked coursework is never collected – this means you are missing out on a great opportunity to get your tutor’s personalised advice and guidance which is focused on you and your work. Remember, if your tutor identifies any weak points in your work, these points are not about you, but your work. Your tutor is simply trying to help you to improve your performance.  Read the feedback in conjunction with your essay/assignment to see how your tutor’s comments relate to your work, then:

-       Highlight any strong points. 

-       Make a note of any areas where the tutor has suggested improvements.

-       Discuss with your tutor any elements of the feedback that you are not clear about.

Having read the feedback from your last piece of work, you might find it useful to ask yourself the following two questions:

-       What did I do well in this assignment that I should continue to do in my next piece of work?

-       What one thing do I need to do to improve my future work?

The next step is to think about and plan how you will improve. You could do this by talking to your lecturer or personal tutor, or perhaps by doing some background reading on the subject/topic or by attending a study skills workshop that focuses on the skills that you need to improve, such as essay writing or referencing.