Ayo - Union Affairs Officer

My objectives for this year are:

  • Representing Students

    - I will continue to create opportunities for underrepresented students to voice their opinions through increasing access to their representatives. 
    - I will continue to attend, review and supervise where I can the decision-making of the University and Student Union to ensure students are heard. 
    - I will ensure I deliver an affordable and sufficient car park for students from the University especially for students who need them most (disable students) 
    - I will work to listen to student voices on the Students' Union Bar and radio, and endeavour to bring back SU on Tour roadshows

  • BAME Attainment Gap (Phase two)

    - I will continue to push the university to tackle institutional racism, sexism and lack of diversity.
    - I will always highlight and celebrate our diverse student community such as the International week.
    - I will continue to work with Universities to incorporate the elimination of gaps in success (attainment and continuation) in their APP targets, and in doing so to raise skills levels and meet local needs.

  • Sustainability

    - I will continue to push the University to come up with more measures to proactively tackle the climate crisis. 
    - I will continue to work with the university to reduce carbon usage. 
    - I will ensure the recycling systems across all the campuses are effective and accessible.

  • Immigration Health Surchange (IHS)

    - I will lobby a campaign that will ensure the university are responsible for payment of the Immigration Health surcharge without increasing tuition.

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