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Issic Romel

Union Affairs

Hey people, this year I’ll be leading on all things Union Affairs. This includes things like our democratic structure. Come and say hi if you see me!

  • To work with all students and stakeholders to ensure students’ voices are heard and effective in shaping the University’s plans and policies and enhancing the students’ experiences
  • To improve the effectiveness and accountability of the Union’s democratic structures within the SU through a robust review and revision
  • To ensure the work of the Union and the Officers is clearly communicated to all our membership
  • To understand the issues and needs of students’ in the Faculty of Science and Engineering ensuring that these are communicated and actioned with faculty staff
  • To review and revise in consultation with the student body the democratic structures to ensure we are more accountable and transparent to all
  • To lead on behalf of the Union on the review of the student voice policy and processes and enable a greater learner voice input of a wider membership at University level
  • Look at the ways we communicate with you and ensure that the work our student representatives( course, faculty and part/full time) do is clearly communicated
  • To be more visible through a programme of outreach events and drop ins

What course did you study?

LL.B Honours and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Approachable, Persuasive and Funny

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

ChIcKeN, Chic-INN and more CHICKEN :p

What is the best thing about being at the University of Wolverhampton?

1. You’ll discover the wonder of Freshers’ Week
2. You’ll meet tons of new people (none of whom will know any of your embarrassing childhood secrets)
3. There will be societies and sports clubs to cover pretty much any interest, no matter how odd
4. At the end, you’ll have a big, shiny degree certificate...
5. ...and people will think your mega-smart and want to give you loads of amazing jobs
6. But if they don’t, you’ve always got the option of staying on to do a postgrad

Tell us one thing not many people will know about you?

I was born in India and I am a trained Incident Commander for London Fire Brigade

What would you like to achieve in the upcoming year?

A fantastic and enhanced Student Experience accessible to a wide student membership from all universities, improved support to develop the skills that student’s need to enjoy their time at the University and a lot more…

What are the top 3 songs you are listening to at the moment?

Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl
Michael Jackson - All songs because he is legendary
Sean Paul’s album

Get in touch with Issic either by phone on , via email at , Facebook here or Twitter @UWSUAffairs

Get in touch with Issic

Phone on 01902 322045

Email at UWSUaffairs@wlv.ac.uk


Twitter @UWSUAffairs