The Student Voice Committees and Meetings

Committees and Meetings

Meetings Arranged by University Staff

Student/Staff Liaison Meetings (Course Reps)

These meetings can take place at module, subject or department level. This is your opportunity to inform staff of any issues that have been brought to your attention and comment on issues brought up by the members of staff present.

Student Council/Forums (Course Reps and Faculties Reps)

This is open to all Reps within the department and is chaired by either the Faculty Rep or the Student Liaison Officer (SLO). It allows Course Reps to bring issues to the attention of the Faculty Rep and SLO. It also allows the Faculty Rep and SLO to give Course Reps feedback on issues they have raised at previous meetings or disseminate information they have gained at Department-level meetings.

Cross-Campus Informal Meetings (Course Rep and Faculty Reps)

These will be arranged as necessary by the Academic Vice President and will give you the opportunity to meet reps from other Faculties and informally discuss issues you’re dealing with as well as getting advice from the Academic Vice President.

Faculty Quality Enhancement Committee (Faculty Reps)

This meeting occurs around five times per year and is attended by lecturing staff, School administrative staff, Learning Centre staff, Registry staff, and the Faculty Rep. This is the place to discuss anything of concern at Department/Faculty-level. For example, are Course Reps having trouble resolving issues at course level? Can these issues be addressed by the faculty management instead? 


Meetings Arranged by Students’ Union Staff

Students’ Union Council (Faculty Reps)

SUC meets around three times per term and it guides the policy of the Students’ Union. Faculty Reps have voting powers at SUC: Course Reps don’t. But any student can attend to find out what the SU is up to and hold the elected SU Executive to account.

Academic Committee (Faculty Reps)

This is a meeting for all the academic-related staff and reps within the Union. Chaired by the Academic V.P this is a place where Faculty Reps can share their issues, find out any cross-faculty issues and share best practice. members of the Student Engagement Team and the Academic Advisor will also attend.