The Writing Association

(If you need help with academic writing, click here. If you need help with English language skills, click here.)

Do you want to run The Writing Association?

The Writing Association is no longer active, and I’d love to find a person or people who want to take the society on!

The society’s focus has been on creative fiction and non-fiction; we did not assist with academic writing or English language skills.

I’d be more than happy to advise on what we’ve done (and learned) over the last few years, but you’re not obligated to keep doing things the way we have previously. Although the society should keep to the theme of writing, you’d be welcome to rename it and run it however you’d like to.

If you’re looking to run a society that isn’t related to writing, you’ll need to work with the Students’ Union to create a society.

If you’re interested, please send an email to:

This page last updated 1st July, 2022.


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