About Us

A society focused on UK wildlife conservation and monitoring, offering people the chance to get outdoors, help look after our natural spaces and learn about UK wildlife.


The aims of this society are as follows:

  • To conserve biodiversity in the West-midlands and surrounding areas

  • To produce opportunities for students to gain practical skills they can use in future career prospects

  • To further people's knowledge in animals, wildlife and their environments.



We run a variety of events, including but not limited to:

  • Butterfly identification and surveys

  • Small mammal trapping and identification

  • Reptile surveys

  • Bird surveys

  • Woodland management

  • Invasive plant species management

  • Remote camera monitoring of wildlife

Upcoming events:


Talk 1-  Tracker Al  - An introduction to mammal tracking, in the UK!   


Talk 2 - Nick Dixon - How the peregrine falcon has adapted to live in urban settings


Kahoot quiz on British mammals


Work party at me before kill nature reserve


Dates and times will be added when confirmation from guest speakers have been made


For information on upcoming events, please join our facebook group as this is where we share the details of our events.


Join us!

Everyone is welcome to join this society, if you have an interest in nature and wildlife - come along! Membership is free for the year! We will only charge our members for events if there is an entry cost or an extended journey involved.



Please make sure your visit our Facebook page - this is where we share lots of relevant articles, news, and information about our events.

You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram

You can also email us at: thepwcsociety@gmail.com - feel free to get in touch if you have any queries!


Updated 24/09/2021