About Us

University of Wolverhampton LGBTQ+ Society. For up to date information please email wlvlgbt@gmail.com and our President will get back to you as soon as possible! [Email updated 15/02/24]

Welcome to the Student’s Union page for the LGBTQ+ Society!

The LGBTQ+ Society supports anyone and everyone on and off the LGBTQ+ spectrum - whether you’re a current student, previous alumni or a member of staff, both allies and LGBTQ+ people are welcome.
We are first and foremost committed to supporting all of our members both socially and personally, and we work closely with the University’s counselling services to ensure that all members are 100% supported.
The society holds weekly coffee meetups so that members can socialize with one another and forge new friendships. We also host games nights, club nights out, and many more exciting activities for members to enjoy!

For the purposes of our members’ privacy we exercise a strict need-to-know basis as to the identity of our members, as well as any opinions they voice when speaking to individuals outside of the society. Our Facebook and Instagram pages (links below) are fully privatized, and any posts can only be seen by those who have been accepted by the admins as a member. We also ensure that none of our members are tagged in any society-related posts without explicit permission. In addition, only committee members can see those signed up to this page.
Overall, we want all of our members to feel safe, comfortable, and included here at the LGBTQ+ Society. So roll on the new year, and let’s keep being the most fabulous society at the University of Wolverhampton!


Web Links –

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uowlgbtsociety/ (Note: Please answer the questions which pop up when joining the group. Also, when joining the Facebook page one of our admins may contact you asking about your connection to the university if you have not joined the SU page. This is to stop promoters and individuals outside of the university from joining the page, in order to protect the privacy of our members.)

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/uow_lgbtqsoc/

Email: wlvlgbt@gmail.com

[Email updated 15/02/24]