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Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton Students Union Society Page.

The society works to support all LGBT+ individuals and is open for membership to all University of Wolverhampton Students, Alumni and staff whether they are a member of the LGBT+ community or simply a supporter.

The society is committed to offering support to all our members through social activity and personal support to those who need it, working closely with the Universities counselling staff and support network.

As of the start of the academic year 2016 we will be introducing monthly mixers for new members to meet and get to know one another. There will also be weekly/fortnightly socials ranging from cinema trips, group meals and nights out.

We hold monthly committee meetings to discuss the direction of the society, new ideas, any extra support an individual may require and to plan any events. All our members are welcome to attend these meetings and your input will always be considered and discussed by the committee. If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like your views voiced, then you are always welcome to make comment on the Facebook or twitter pages (which are listed below) or by contacting one of the committee members personally either by email or Facebook message.

For the purposes of our members’ privacy we exercise a strictly need to know basis on the identity of our members, their identity and any opinions they may have when speaking to individuals outside of the society. The Facebook page is fully privatised and any posts can only be seen by those who have been accepted by the admins as a member. We also ensure that none of our members are never tagged in any relation to the society without their explicit say so.

Also your membership to the society through this page can only be seen by the committee and no one else.

We also have opportunities for our members to attend both the annual NUS LGBT conference and a range of UK Pride events as representatives of the university.

All in all we want our members to feel comfortable, included and to have fun.

Web Links –

Facebook: (Note: Please answer the questions which pop up when joining the group. Also, when joining the Facebook page one of our admins may contact you asking about your connection to the university if you have not joined the SU page. This is to stop promoters and individuals outside of the university from joining the page, in order to protect the privacy of our members.)






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