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Glee Club

The UoW Glee Club has been running since October 2016, founded by Sarah Harwood. We are a society that sing and dance for enjoyment and work towards performances. We are situated on the Walsall Campus in The Performance Hub. We have over 20 people in our group and had our first Concert: Spotlight in March 2017, it was a great hit and we have since obtained more performers from other University Campus' e.g. Wolverhampton.

As a society our main aims and objectives are: 

1. To have fun through the means of song, dance and performance.

2. To develop song, dance, performance and confidence skills.

3. To create a family atmosphere, encouraging bonding at university through one hobby.

4. To always have an open door policy, everyone is welcome.

5. Although one of our prominent goals is to work towards public performances our main objective will always be to reamin unified and do what we love.

We meet every Wednesday 3:30-4:30 in WH226 (The Performance Hub, Walsall Campus)

So what are you waiting for? Come join Uow Glee Club today!

To be a part of our society contact anyone of our committee by either email, facebook or twitter.

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