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First Love

Hi Guyssss! 

Welcome to our page..

We are the First Love Society, a vibrant, fun and exciting group of young people who are full of zeal for the LORD !

First Love is one of the well known established Christian Societies around the UK. With popular events like Night With The Stars, Carnival of the Stars, our special Open Mic Nights and many other events, you are promised an interesting year if you join us. 

*So what is First Love about?* 
Our aim is to draw students closer to God and to help them develop a personal relationship with Him. We achieve this by holding a regular weekly fellowship where we not only read from the Bible, but use our talents to make the meeting a dynamic one. The average meeting includes singing, dancing by our Dancing Stars troupe, acting by our Film Stars team and many other performances.  

To top it off we have FREE food and drink for all our members every week. 


*Where and when do we meet?*

Every Sunday from 4pm @the Chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy is behind Asda and its the small building between Randall lines hall and MX building

Thursday at 7pm in Millennium City (MC301).

For more details contact

Tosin - 07913299188

Natasha - 07553258021

Charles - 07522159942

If you'd like to know more, check out our social media page

Twitter page : @FirstLoveWolves

Ecclesiastes 12:1 -Keep your Creator in mind while you are young!



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