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Wild Expedition Society

Our Purpose:

The purpose of our society is to arrange trips and expeditions with a mixed-purpose; helping enhance and enrich the personal and professional development of our members; building confidence, team-working, and outdoor skills in a multitude of areas; practical travelling experience in a vast array of new environments.

We feel not everyone always wants to, or wishes to stay and work in England for the entirety of their lives, or maybe not even at all, and the experiences gained from this society may help you achieve working and studying in a range of different countries. Mainly focuses on Outdoor-based work, the society will help gain the necessary experience that could help professional development towards career aspirations and further studying abroad.


A little about us:

We have access to a host of accommodations for cheaper to even free of cost around the world, namely in New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, and Cuba. The majority of our earlier trips will be focused on European areas of interest due to student affordability and a vast choice of environments and ecosystems to choose from. 

January 2017 marks the date of our first expedition which will be taking place in Slovakia.

Expeditions will be held until Spring afterwards, the majority of the trips will take place in the long university summers. A few of the following areas of interest proposed for future trips include:

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Tracking
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Ecology
  • Biology/Zoology
  • Language Development
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Outdoor Education (Fauna, Flora, Geography)
  • Outdoor Activities (Camping, Climbing, Swimming)
  • Practical Field-work Skills


2017-2019 Future Expeditions:

Future Expeditions for the Society are decided in the bi-monthly meetings (January 12th 2017 - March 31st 2017), after March the next meeting will be held in May (May 9th 2017) which is when the big summer trip will be finalised. A few basic ideas for Summer 2017 have been founded, these include:

  • Skye/Highlands, Scotland. (Wild Highland Biodiversity) - Avg. £80
  • Brasov, Romania. (Vast European Wild Biodiversity) - Avg. £200
  • Pryp'yat', Ukraine. (Vast European Wild Biodiversity) - Avg. £300
  • Banff Naitonal Park, Canada. (Vast North-American Biodiversity) - Avg. £600
  • Bangkok Area, Thailand. (South-Asian Tropical Ecosystems) - Avg. £650
  • Aokigahara, Japan. (Japanese Wildrness, Ice Caves, Silent Forests) - Avg. £700