Accessible Activities Society

 We are aimed at everybody who has impairments, disabilities and just those of you who are interested in trying accessible and adapted sports.

We aim to play goalball (a common sport for the visually impaired), boccia, Bowles, wheelchair badminton and badminton aimed for people who like smaller quiet environments( and other sports in a safe environment) as well as trying out special activities such as adapted archery. We currently go to the Boccia on Wednesday in city campus (1-2pm).This costs a pound. Also, wheelchair basketball is at Walsall campus on Thursdays (also costs a pound) (5-6:30 pm). There are opportunities to do to events as a team such as a university wheelchair basketball tournament held yearly. We also plan to have regular meet-ups and social events.

The three core aims of the society are as follows:

  1. Enable people from all backgrounds and abilities to try out and engage in adapted sports and other activities
  2. Raise awareness of disability related adaptive sports and activities and to encourage inclusion and accessibility
  3. Provide a safe place for all to experience and enjoy activities no matter their skill




Chair Person

Co-chair / Secretary