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The Practical Wildlife Conservation Society


The aims of this society are: to conserve biodiversity in the West-midlands and surrounding areas, to produce opportunities for students to gain practical skills they can use in future career prospects and to further people's knowledge in animals, wildlife and their environments.

In doing so, The Practical Wildlife Conservation Society has many links across the West-midlands where you can get in involved! Various links with the RSPB, the Wildlife Trust (Birmingham and the Black Country, Staffordshire and Worcestershire), The Canal and River Trust and so much more! 

Committee and Specialists

Alongside the committee members, we have specialists! These are the people who will be hosting a range of events for you to get involved in. Also for you to ask questions to if you are curious in their field of expertise. If they don’t know the answer to your burning question, they’ll know the people to ask!

Rebecca Perry – Co-founder, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and the Volunteering Co-Ordinator, but she is also our bat specialist.

Alastair Hughes-Roden – Co-founder and the Head of Conservation for the society, but he is also our flora/fauna specialist.

Nathan Cooper – Treasurer and the Head of Conservation's assistant.

Craig Reed – Ornithology specialist.

Christopher Smith - Photography specialist.

Fiona Rock - Moth specialist and Zoo specialist.


Please visit our Facebook page, and soon our website, to keep updated on our events!

Find us on Twitter at @pwcsociety

However, please feel free to email: and you will be directed to the correct place!


Various events that we have planned: Photography sessions, ID sessions, Balsam Bashers, Canal & River cleaning, duck pond weed removal, walks, hikes, camping and so much more! Why not send an email for more information? Or post to our FB page?

We will also be arranging some trips (with connection to wildlife of course) over the year for everyone to get involved in! Such as: Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Stafford Butterfly Farm and more… Keep your eyes peeled.

Join us!

Everyone is welcome to join this society, memberships are £4. Why not get involved giving back to the community? The membership money will guarantee members free admission to our volunteering events. However, additional payment may be required for other trips we are creating, but we plan to keep the costs down to a minimal! The additional charges may be to cover petrol costs.

See you soon.