About Us

The world of Astronomy has never been easier to get into, this society is in place to help us all learn more about the universe we call home.


Whether you have a passing interest in space or you're already an amateur astronomer, we'd like to welcome you to our society. 
Here we'll teach you how to utilise amateur telescope and binocular equipment to observe our solar system and beyond. Whether you're wanting to identify mountains on the Moon, or observe the moons of Jupiter, we're all here to learn together.
We won't just get together to talk about the differences between stars, we'll discuss views on Alien Life, Alternate dimensions and other slightly more sci-fi but scientific topics.

Expert advice

We're proud to have contact with the Wolverhampton Astronomical Society, who provided weekly talks in the MA building at University. These will serve as our main events for learning more about our Universe, outside of our meetups to observe the stars ourselves.
Whilst they're technically amateurs, the society has been going for over 70 years, with their current president being a member for 17 years. Many of their members have dedicated their lives to studying the mysteries the stars present, whether for fun or academic research.

Contact us

If you're interested in joining us but are unsure, feel free to get in touch by emailing WLVAstronomySociety@outlook.com
If you join, you'll be added to a mailing list where I will contact everyone with information about current happenings in the world of Astronomy, as well as any events or get together we may have planned.