About Us

Your student days don't have to be your worst. It could be your best time ever! We offer you Genuine Friendship, Motivation, Encouragement, Spiritual Growth, Academic Mentoring, and Coaching, etc

We are a student fellowship with a difference. We understand what it means to live and study in a new city, foreign land, or among a new group of people.

We understand some of the challenges you will face because we have been through of them, just like you.

We are therefore offering

1). Geniune Friendships, real and meaningfull relationships that will ensure you focus on your academic work and not miss home.

2). Academic Mentoring and Coaching so you can maximize your academic potentials

3). Spiritual Growth and Maturity through robust and exciting prayer and Bible Study times.

4). Profitable Networking opportunities and other connections

5).  Volunteering opportunities to help you build an  enviable CV

6). Help with Accommodation, Postgraduate visa application, and other related issues.

7). Loads of fun times, including BBQs, Sports, Cycling, etc.