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Image result for welcomeSargia Capital Management  hope to become the ideal location for students who want to learn how to invest in the stock market. We adopt a value approach to investing and so try to envisage any investment opportunity, whether in equities or commodities, through the eyes of great value investors such as Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Ray Dalio, Mohnish Pabrai & many more. 


  • Hope to provide students with a strong base with which to approach investments with heavy emphasis on the core principles which are required to invest.
  • Provide a medium for students to learn more about the ways in which value investors look at investment opportunities, regardless of the asset class under examination.
  • Core mission is to read annual reports of companies that we assume to be undervalued in the market. We look at the companys' fundamentals and run it through our check list to see if the company has long term growth prospects.
  • We believe it is vital to minimize risk as best as we can while giving a moderate ROI. "Rule 1 is not to loose any money, rule 2 is don't forget rule 1" -Warren Buffett.

3.Aims/ Goals

  • To provide an environment for likeminded students to engage in passionate discussions.   
For the foreseeable future we are going to use this platform to learn how to invest in the markets. Majority of the  time will be spent reading annual reports and understanding how a companies business model works therefore, we will not be involved with real money.  

So what is value investing?

Start by listening to these podcasts by Danielle Town & Phil Town.                                           
Learning how to invest in the right company takes time and a lot of research but the rewards are mind blowing thanks to compound interest.
We try to buy when the stock is underpriced relative to its intrinsic value.

Crucial filters to find the ideal company to invest in by Charlie Munger, Warren Buffetts right hand man. Total assets under their management $707,800,000,000 ($707.8 Billion!!!).

Minions Excited GIF - Minions Excited WelcomeToTheTeam GIFsHope to see you soon! 




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