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Socialist Workers' Student Society (SWSS)

We are the Socialist Workers' Student Society, the largest political society on-campus. Our mission is to maintain a strong voice for Marxist ideas within the university, and to promote positive change within the Students' Union. Given the increasing prevelance of Neo-Fascist movements in universities across the country, the importance of our anti-fascist stance cannot be underestimated. We will oppose any Fascist groups that rear their heads within Wolverhampton University. We also vehemently stand against racism of all forms within the university, and will always be a voice for anyone who feels that they need our help in the fight against racism. 

Being Revolutionary Socialists, we are committed to promoting anti-capitalist ideas, and educating people on the rights of workers. University students are being increasingly forced to seek out exploitative work in order to cover their expenses, not to mention the ludicrous farce of Tuition Fees. We will always encourage workers to stand up for their rights, and to join their respective Trade Unions. We also encourage students to seek out alternative forms of accomodation whilst they are at University, in order to avoid being sucked in to the renting system. Landlords are keen to use the opportunity to exploit students who know of no other way to find accomodation other than in private renting. This monopoly on housing leaves the student with no say or power over their conditions, and the lack of proper government regulation gives landlords a free hand in how they treat their tenants. We support the establishment of student housing co-operatives, jointly owned by the tenants, that eliminate the position of the parasitic landlord. Such co-operatives have been established in other University cities around the country, and provide a welcome alternative to the private rent system. 

We Support:        Workers' Rights
                            Students' Rights
                            Womens' Rights
                            LGBT+ Rights
                            Tenants' Rights

Students and Workers! Unite and Fight!