Accounting and Finance Society

 Welcome to the Accounting & Finance Society. 


While other people are dreaming, Winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it! 


Our members are striving by make these values the values of their daily lives. We strive to build and foster a productive effective learning environment designed to fulfil the highest potential of each student both academically and socially.  We believe that every role is very crucial and important to make the corporation successful. We are happy to have the people from other related business courses.


Our objectives are to encourage and motivate members to actively participate and engage with a wider channel involving faculty, graduates and people from the industry. We also have events for students who are not interested in taking up traditional jobs in the finance and accounting industry. Course representatives are encouraged to post any questions they may have relating to accounting and finance or any other courses, life at university, academic matters or anything to do with Wolverhampton! 


The Aim of this society as follows: 

  • Provide a forum to discuss impact of changes in legislation within the accounting sector. 

  • Provide members with an opportunity to develop highly valued transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, ethics, presentation skills and commercial awareness. 

  • Collaboration and interaction between different universities and societies.  

  • Creation of awareness of other services and benefits from Wolverhampton University. 

  • Running the debate and competition with different universities.  


  • Eureka Challenge 

The EUREKA Challenge is to encourage the acquisition and development of enterprise knowledge, skills and capability. This includes ethics, presentation skills, team working, research and methodology. We are going to have some external speakers which will be notified in the future through the emails.  

When: Wednesday

Time: 1-2p.m.

Where: MU007

  • Debating

Debating is not just a way to voice your opinion in a thought-provoking and constructive manner.  By learning to debate, these skills can be transferred to your essays. By standing up and speaking, our members grow in self-confidence for giving seminars and speaking in class.  By gaining a stronger voice, our skills will help you in your university life and beyond.

When: Friday 

Time: 1-2p.m.

Where: MU305

Our duty is to make your academic experience memorable. The scope is very wide and our members motivation is even wider! 

If you have any query regards our society, then please do not hesitate to contact us. The society email address is  

Kind Regards 

Team Members