Bhangra Academy

Core aims:

To take place in a University Bhangra competition against UK top university.

Run Bhangra session once a week and bhangra competition training once a week.

Get a team together to do events and prepare for the competition.

sort out funding, to get outfits, props, accommodation, travel and also additional cost for training in a proper dance studio.

What we do?

The dance lessons take place in the Venue (the day and time for semester 2 is still TBC).  We are a society that teaches students Bhangra. We also do social events like movie nights but all the information is provided at the end of the Bhangra lesson by a committee member. We have been taking part in capital bhangra since 2015, which previously we have come 3rd in and achieve to do the same or exceed in the following years.


Students should join as it is fun and creative, whether you to join for just fitness or learn bhangra moves and improve.